Safe Packing
Perfectly pack for every particular shipment.

Fragile goods Scientific packing, safe and Security

If your packing is not safe enough, we will re-pack for you.

We can offer all kinds of resist-crushed cartons for different size, together with waterproof fibre bags, packing strap, crate, timber frame, film, and etc. Our staff will choose the best way to pack basing on your shipment and ensure that is safe.
Professional check, if the packing is not up to grade, we will offer repacked service
Packing mode

Carton: Quintuplicate-corrugated paper, moderate liquid water content in the chipboard, good at hardness and folding
resistance, Anti-vibration inside and prevent puncturing outside.
Packing strap: PP strap, which is high rupture intension, so that can avoid carton disrepair and distortion.
Fibre bags: Multilayer extra heavy fibre bags, which can dampproof、avoid oil stain and scattering、especially protect
the piece goods and clothes.
Timber frame: Deal materials, made by skilled woodworker. This is especially for frangible and easy swing stuff (machine、computer, etc..)


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