Pick-up Service oversea

With your confidence in AOBANG is ability of import and export operation.

High quality service

One order and get your good service.

Once get an order from customer, AOBANG will transport the appointed shipment to anywhere of China mainland.You may only make a order, service will be available right away.
WorldWide coverage

Our network covers more than 200 countries all over the world.

Aobang International Logistic, we have set up our network in more than 200 countries all over the world , which is from China mainland to Hong Kong, and even to the world. The operation coverage is wide enough. To counter the character of international freight,
we also offer declaration and delivery all-in-one service.So that you can avoid transacting the fussy import/export procedure, but achieve freight internationalization easily.

HongKong to Pearl River Delta ,Region,by express,arrive at the same day.

AOBANG Int'l Freight,has our special fast express routing between HongKong and Pearl River delta Region,and we can also work on Saturday & Sunday.Under special case,we will even work as usual,arrange to arrive at the same day when you ship out.

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