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Our company is the one through the National Ministry of Transportation approved the establishment of a Logistics Co., Ltd., and has become a member of the WCA (World Cargo Alliance) in 2010. In Foshan, specializes in integrated business of import and export logistics business includes import and export agent, shipping booking, air booking, international shipments, customs clearance, commodity inspection, the agent certificate, cargo insurance, packing, trailers, bonded warehouses, Hong Kong warehouse, logistics domestic warehouse distribution. Division I has a wealth of industry operating experience, improve operating control processes, professional for the majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers, buyers, trading companies proxy shipping, air transport, import and export, warehousing, logistics and distribution, import and export declaration, commodity inspection, trailers and other services.
Shipping Department to undertake more than 20 of the world port of LCL straight fight business and the world's major ports and foreign agents may undertake to pay the freight, the basic transhipment and other services. Has a wealth of the LCL experience, rich cultural heritage and mature operating system.

Our characteristics:

in the South China Sea, three mountain in Hong Kong, Ronggui, Chencun, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, carefully planned the most secure, efficient, accurate, and economical mode of transport for our customers to more cost savings for customers and improve service quality.

A week
for at least two liner fixed on Monday Jian ship time, the quickest route, the best shipping company such as OOCL, WANHAI, HANJIN, HYUNDAI, APL, COSCO, accurate and stable shipment of your goods the safe transportation to the port of destination, and the first time the bill of lading to your hands. This process is only SO (loading and unloading of paper), and the rest of us train services.

one-stop service, special container transport (transport of the open top container, Flat Rack transportation, etc.) easier.

Division I
has a professional customs team, rich experience in import and export declarations. Familiar with the customs, commodity inspection guidelines and policies, laws and regulations, operational systems and work processes.

the port of destination choice is the local agent of the most powerful and provide first-class clearance service for your guests, the most logical port of destination, delivery costs. To help you business is booming, smooth sailing!

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